The Birth of Piper

Two years ago I was looking at golf clothes from a very respectable golf brand and I thought to myself, Damn! What will they put a shot glass on next? Then it occurred to me, there were hundreds of brands of golf clothes that had embraced the beer and shots frat boy style of golf, but there were very few that embraced my experience on the green- the way my friends and I played golf.


We play golf with a speaker in the cart, music always on and smoke wafting off every tee box. Where was that being represented in the golf world?  My friends and I mulled this over and went back to our regular lives - then the COVID hit. My job as the educational director of a Chicago based, world famous comedy theater, was furloughed with no return in sight. I knew it was time to do something different. I sat down and thought about some of the things I like and what would be next for me. My first thought was sports. Maybe I could be the general manager of a baseball team but they tend to give those jobs to people in sports. Next I thought of horse racing, but I'm too big to be a jockey. Then golf came to mind. I got to thinking about the conversation I had with my friend Alan two years ago. 

Out of the blue, Alan calls me. He's sold his house, he's got money and wants to do something with it. We both agree it was time for Piper Golf to become a reality. So I cashed out my 401K and here we are.  While we have no experience in this business we do know one thing after lots of research... we still see very little golf clothes that reflects our lifestyle and experience. Instead its old man shit your dad wears!  I don't mean the cool stuff from the 80’s and 90’s that are current right now. We mean Tommy YoMamma and the other leisure lines of old man clothes. Or category two, tour pro tight. Which means you're gonna need Bryson’s body and swing to make that look work at the course.

This is where Piper comes in. Created as the first golf line you can wear to a rock show and not get mistaken for a Narc, Piper is kind vibe fashion and accessories for the modern golfer. Relaxed hats and shirts with a retro feel that comfortable and quality. Piper is created with a different type of golfer in mind. Someone not so worried about their score or their swing, but instead on the course to have fun and relax. Isn't that what the game of golf is supposed to be about?

Jeff Poole

Piper Golf Company CEO

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